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Supplier User Manuals

Supplier FAQs

Supplier FAQs will give you sample questions frequently asked by suppliers and our answers to help you better navigate through LiveSource.

Idea Management for Suppliers

The Idea Management guide shows suppliers how to submit ideas that will help drive savings, innovation, and quality. 

Tooling Library for Suppliers

The goal of this guide is to provide basic assistance in being able to use the Tooling module and its different features.

Idea creation and submission

To know more about the Idea creation and submission, please click here to download the user guide.

Supplier Upload Spreadsheet

Below is the process for placing your bid using the Supplier Upload Spreadsheet. Please pay special attention to the specific instructions in order to successfully upload your bid.

How to Login

This guide will show you how to login to your custom supplier portal account.

Supplier Information System

If you have received a SIS card from a buyer, this user guide will assist you in how to fill out the required information.

How to Message a Buyer

This guide will how you how to engage a buyer through the supplier portal platform.

Quoting an RFQ

Did you receive an invitation to quote an RFQ?  This user guide is here to help show you how to quote on an RFQ.

Auction for Suppliers

Did you receive an invitation to participate in an auction? This user guide will take you through the steps to place a bid.

Supplier's Guide to Dutch Auctions

A Dutch auction is a type of auction where the buyer starts at a high asking price and then lowers it until a participant is willing to accept the auctioneer's price. This guide takes you through how to bid on a Dutch auction.  

Supplier Email Notifications

This guide shows you how to set up supplier email notifications. 

Change Your Password

If you forgot your password, this guide will show you how to retrieve it. 

Update Your Details

This guide will show you how to keep your contact details up-to-date so that buyers will always be able to contact you.

Supplier – Help Request

If a buyer selects you to register on their private purchasing extranet, this guide is here to remind you that the LiveSource team is always here to help.