Making the Case for a New Product Introduction Portal

Manufacturers have heavily invested in legacy systems, but the siloed data in those systems puts organizations at risk. Inaccurate supplier or order data can result in long-term reputational damage – and lost customers. A New Product Introduction portal drives better business decisions with analytics and delivers a single source of truth.

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LiveSource Transforms This…

…To This.

LiveSource provides a single source of the truth for managing the NPI process, mitigating the risks of miscommunication to ensure on-time delivery.

Some of the problems we solve:

  • Awarding business to subpar suppliers
  • Absorbing cost increases
  • Late APQP / PPAP / FAI
  • Costs to rebuild incorrect tools
  • Expediting costs
  • Supplier quality defects
  • Inventory shortage and excess inventory
  • Late delivery
  • Loss of current and future revenue

“Historically, supply chain disruptions can lead to an average of 9% lower sales and 11% higher costsand many companies never recover.”*

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*Source: Zurich Versicherung “Strategic Risk: Do Not Forget the Supply Chain