For every transportation Tier 1 who feels like their supply chain is running on empty.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe, the manufacturers and suppliers faced unprecedented disruptions: loss of demand, closure, and financial difficulties. A lack of visibility into the supply chain compounded their challenges.

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What is LiveSource?

LiveSource is a supplier collaboration portal.

Its supplier management capabilities provide a single source of the truth to manage all supplier operational data elements— location, certificates, capacity, liquidity and more.

Get supplier engagement and visibility with LiveSource, so you know what’s coming.

LiveSource Transforms Chaotic Communications and Data, Providing Full Visibility of Your Suppliers


“Without LiveSource, I don’t know how we’d be managing something like this. It would be very manual, with lots of emails and phone calls, pulling all the data together… It would take a team of people to manage risk. For all the data and large number of suppliers, our core team can manage the process, even with COVID-19.”

Chris Dawson, Senior Manager Purchasing Analytics, Dana

Industry Leaders like Dana, Vibracoustic and Plastic Omnium Get Supplier Visibility with LiveSource.

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