European metal stamper stamps out supply chain surprises

Picture this … you’re a leading European automotive manufacturer specializing in the cutting and stamping of metal parts. Some of the biggest
names in the business – like Audi and Nissan – rely on you for everything from stamping and roll forming to assembly and tooling.

But, with no central way to manage your supply chain, keeping it in line feels impossible. No one seems to know when the most recent RFQ was sent out, or how forthcoming your buyers are being about your inventory, or if you’ve even chosen the right suppliers in the first place. Without a clear picture, surprises constantly lurk around the corner.

So, you turn to LiveSource. We set you up on a single platform that gives you a bird’s-eye-view into all supplier activity. Your suppliers happily adopt the solution, because it’s free for them and makes their lives easier just like yours. Plus, you both have access to our support team whenever you need it.

Now, supply chain surprises aren’t the threat they used to be. Since you’re in constant touch with your suppliers, uncertainties and miscommunications are at an all-time low. And you can quickly adapt to changing customer requirements. Isn’t life great when you know what’s coming?

Ready to know what’s coming?

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