New Trends in Supplier Performance Management:  Make the Move from Tactical to Strategic

The problem with supply chains is that they’re full of surprises. And with so much critical information buried in emails, spreadsheets, and disconnected systems, there’s no way to know where the next surprise is coming from.

Dana Incorporated, a global leader in automotive power train components, got strategic with new supplier performance management. The company shifted from manual to digital processes, tearing down silos. The result? No more supply chain surprises – the unread email, or the out-of-date spreadsheet – that can take down everything. Now Dana knows what’s coming. So products get to market faster, at a lower cost and with fewer supply chain distributions.

Watch this webinar to see Dana’s journey to more strategic supplier performance management.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Digitize your processes
  • Track supplier information
  • Centralize your data
  • Know what’s coming