LiveSource Supplier Portal

LiveSource is how manufacturers take hidden risks out of their product launch process. It shows you everything from your supplier’s certification status to the impact of last-minute updates to the bill of materialsso you know what’s coming.

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Product Launch Surprises

It’s about that one little thing in your product launch — the unread email, the little white lie from your supplier, the out-of-date spreadsheet — that can take down everything.

Chaotic Communications

With so much critical information buried in emails, spreadsheets, and disconnected systems, there’s no way to know where the next surprise is coming from. How can you possibly stay on top of every single detail in this chaos?

That chain of 537 emails can’t tell you what’s coming.
LiveSource manages the entire launch process:
Supplier Risk Management, Product Launch and Collaborative Manufacturing.
LiveSource Supplier Portal

A Single Source of Truth

LiveSource is the first end-to-end supplier portal created to manage the launch process. It ensures all departments and stakeholders are working with the latest, up-to-date information. Sure, there are other products that may cover pieces of what we do, but no other solution supports the entire launch process — and data — in a single application. Not an ERP. Not a QMS. Not a PLM. Nada.

LiveSource is specifically designed for direct materials manufacturing. Solutions designed for indirect sourcing just can’t handle complex cost breakdowns or downstream processes needed for industry-specific, highly engineered parts. But LiveSource does it for 18,000 manufacturers every day.

Your ERP, QMS, PLM and RFQ can’t tell you what’s coming.

What’s Your Chaos?

LiveSource helps you see through the chaos of supplier communications, so you know what’s coming. We stop these types of problems:

  • Awarding business to subpar suppliers
  • Absorbing cost increases
  • Late APQP, PPAP and FAI
  • Costs to rebuild incorrect tools
  • Expediting costs
  • Supplier quality defects
  • Inventory shortage and excess inventory
  • Late delivery
  • Loss of current and future revenue

Why LiveSource?

Because your current suppler communications and product launch processes are wrought with issues. Let us walk you through it.

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Industry leaders like Dana, Vibracoustic and Goodman Manufacturing turn to LiveSource to avoid hidden risks and stay competitive in a world of shrinking margins.

“The supplier performance and qualification data collected from LiveSource is aggregated with spend information from multiple ERP systems into a single data warehouse, bringing centralization and an unprecedented level of visibility to our supply base.”

Take the chaos out of your product launch process.
Know what’s coming with LiveSource.

LiveSource is now part of Blume Global.