Built to Adapt

Your world changes a lot. Last week, one BOM changed five times – but your sourcing solution does anything but. You’d like to configure the workflow to fit your company’s processes, but that means taking a number from IT and playing the waiting game. And while you’ve put in numerous requests to your software provider for bug fixes and improvements, they seem to do nothing but echo off the walls of their giant downtown skyscraper. Sure, everyone talks a big game about being cloud, but if that’s true then how come the version you have is different from the one your Santa Fe supplier is using? You have to wonder if this company isn’t spending all their R&D time maintaining custom versions instead of improving the product itself.

Built to adapt. Because if your solution can’t keep up with the change, neither can you.

Only LiveSource is Built to Adapt

Get a platform that’s built to adapt. Because you can’t keep up with all the change in your world without a solution that’s easily configured for your needs today and continually anticipating your needs for tomorrow.

Now you can:

  • Adapt the platform to your workflows – without the help of IT – using easily configurable templates
  • Avoid the clunky UI and baggage of legacy solutions. Instead, experience the clean efficiency of a multi-tenant SaaS solution that was built for the cloud from day one.
  • Enjoy frequent updates and improvements, with new code released every four weeks
  • Be among the first in your industry to leverage innovations such as IoT and predictive analytics, because the majority of our team is actually focused on improving our platform
  • Take on increased orders with confidence, because you already know which suppliers have the capacity to handle them
  • Influence ongoing platform improvements, offer suggestions for new capabilities, and see your ideas put into action
Take the chaos out of your product launch process.
Know what’s coming with LiveSource.

LiveSource is now part of Blume Global.