Get centralized tooling visibility with LiveSource. Simply tracking the current location of hundreds or even thousands of tools can be a challenge. Lost tools often result in delayed deliveries to customers, not to mention significant replacement costs. Additionally, tools operating with incorrect specifications lead to part quality issues resulting in late deliveries and higher costs. These disruptions can undermine your credibility, putting long-term customer relationships at risk. Take the chaos out of your supply chain. Know what’s coming.

Keep Track of Tools Throughout Product Lifecycles

  • Create a centralized library of your tools
  • Get real-time visibility into global assets
  • Store technical and financial information with each tool
  • Get visibility by plant, customer, supplier, commodity, part number, etc.
  • Track revision history
  • Monitor tool location and movement request
  • Oversee tool usage and performance
  • Monitor tool estimated lifetime usage verses actual usage
  • Receive automated alerts when tools approach end-of-life
Take the chaos out of your supply chain.
Know what’s coming with LiveSource.

LiveSource is now part of Blume Global.