Are you managing quotes in spreadsheets, then sharing via email?Do you struggle to update cost data because it’s spread across multiple systems?Did you submit pricing from an RFQ with quotes based on an outdated BOM?Have you spent hours – even days – hunting down departmental approvals for supplier nominations?

Control the Chaos.

Know Your Status

With LiveSource, you’re working in real-time, communicating seamlessly with all stakeholders. Automate the supplier nomination process to prompt sourcing committee departments to approve or reject suppliers prior to awards. You’ll receive relevant notifications just when you need them.

Configured to Work the Way You Do

Your organization is unique, so LiveSource is easy to configure in alignment with your commodities. LiveSource supports simple and complex cost breakdowns and provides easy side-by-side supplier quote comparisons. You also get detailed cost analysis by criteria such as commodity, program, item, and supplier.

Centralized RFQ Management

LiveSource centralizes, streamlines, and documents your entire RFQ process. Suppliers enter RFQ data directly into the portal, where it is completed online or imported from offline spreadsheets. Buyers and suppliers are notified of milestones and deadlines. Plus, every step of the process is traced and auditable for complete transparency.

For every buyer who just submitted an order for 1,500 motors to a supplier who declared bankruptcy two days ago. Know what’s coming with LiveSource.

What LiveSource Brings to the Process.

  • Fewer surprises, disruptions, and fire drills improve productivity and morale.
  • Seamless communication between buyers, engineering, program management and suppliers keeps everyone on the same page.
  • The extensive database of prior projects and supplier capabilities equips you to select the appropriate supplier and negotiate the best prices with confidence.
  • Access to detailed engineering revisions within LiveSource frees you from dependence on PLM access requirements and Engineering support.

Take the Chaos Out of your Product Launch.

Successful product launches are a team effort: every department plays an essential role. When the buyer, engineering, program management, and suppliers are all working from a single source of truth productivity climbs, margins grow, and even morale improves. LiveSource streamlines the entire purchasing process so you’re equipped with data to choose the right supplier and negotiate the right price. Know what’s coming.

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Take the chaos out of your product launch process.
Know what’s coming with LiveSource.

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