Supplier Quality Engineering

Are you managing APQP/PPAP data in spreadsheets, then sharing via email? Do you feel behind the curve when you learn about supplier awards?Do you struggle to communicate supplier quality performance to stakeholders?Can you identify which of your suppliers are repeat offenders?

Control the Chaos.

Because You Can’t Afford Delays

Most production delays are ultimately the result of miscommunication – because someone missed an email. Additionally, poor supplier quality results in costly rework, warranty claims, expedited shipments and dissatisfied customers. LiveSource gives visibility into poorly performing suppliers, tracking quality scores, penalties and fees in real-time.

Know Your Status

With LiveSource, you’re working with your suppliers in real-time. They’re notified automatically when new APQP/PPAP or nonconformity tasks are created. The LiveSource dashboard clearly illustrates status, with a complete audit trail of all communication, approvals, and changes.

Configured to Work the Way You do

Your workflows and approval processes are unique, but they don’t have to be managed with emailed spreadsheets. With fully configurable templates and workflows, LiveSource is a consolidated program dashboard. Real-time data and automated alerts give you a heads-up before a quality issue becomes a crisis.

Hydraulic press #29 had its passport stamped five times last month.
And you still thought it was in Michigan. Know what’s coming with LiveSource.

What LiveSource Brings to the Process.

  • Real-time tracking of changes and supplier quality scores keeps you ahead of potential disruptions.
  • Configurable APQP & PPAP templates and workflow to meet your specific business requirements.
  • Transparent nonconformity data decreases supplier quality issues.
  • Fewer surprises, disruptions, and fire drills improve on-time completion rates.
  • Seamless communication improves visibility into supplier performance.
  • The centralized portal eliminates administrative time spent managing the quality process in spreadsheets.

Take the Chaos Out of your Product Launch.

Visibility cuts down on surprises. When internal stakeholders and suppliers have access to APQP/PPAP and nonconformity dashboards – as well as proactive alerts – you get ahead of quality crises that lead to production delays and drive up costs. The LiveSource portal adds real-time transparency to the entire quality process. Know what’s coming.

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Take the chaos out of your product launch process.
Know what’s coming with LiveSource.

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