Do you communicate drawing revisions through email?Have you ever been blamed for a production delay because your updated drawing was MIA?Are you tired of wasting time answering questions about changes to a drawing?Are you frustrated playing gatekeeper to drawing revision history?

Control the Chaos.

Get on Top of Changes

With LiveSource, every downstream department works from the right version of every drawing. Both internal department and suppliers submit change requests via the LiveSource portal. Automated alerts notify stakeholders on all drawing revisions, as well as required actions by buyers, suppliers, or quality engineers.

Noise Reduction

When stakeholders access drawings and request changes in LiveSource, your team won’t be inundated with emails and calls. You don’t need to initiate communication about revisions and associated BOM items—automated alerts have you covered. Eliminate those costly miscommunications of engineering changes with LiveSource complete audit traceability.

It’s Kind of a Big Deal

LiveSource distinguishes between minor and major revisions based on definitions established in the PLM. The right people get a heads-up about minor revisions. Major revisions – such as a revised drawing – automatically trigger required actions by buyers, suppliers, or quality engineers.

Because if your solution can’t keep up with change, neither can you.
Know what’s coming with LiveSource.

What LiveSource Brings to the Process.

  • Seamless communication of changes between engineering, program management, purchasing, quality and suppliers gives everyone a single source of truth.
  • Access to detailed engineering revisions frees engineering from time spent supporting stakeholders who don’t have direct access to the PLM.
  • Integrating LiveSource with your PLM leads to fewer surprises, costly delays, and fire drills related to quality issues

Take the Chaos Out of your Product Launch.

Successful product launches are a team effort: every department plays an essential role. LiveSource integrates with your PLM and streamlines the entire revision process. When the buyer, engineering, program management, and suppliers are all working from a single source of truth, you’re free from production delays, costly fire drills, and quality issues. Know what’s coming.

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Take the chaos out of your product launch process.
Know what’s coming with LiveSource.

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