Are you confident in your team’s assessment of the launch status?Is constant firefighting killing employee morale?Can your team identify at-risk suppliers and implement mitigation plans before a crisis occurs?How is launch performance impacting the company’s top and bottom-line results?

Control the Chaos.

A Single Source of Truth

Manage all of your major business processes in one place with LiveSource. Get normalized, synchronized data from your PLM, ERP, EDI, and BI solutions for absolute up-to-the-minute details. Visualized data is easily consumed for quick analysis. Easily dive into all the information related to your product launch and supplier performance via the LiveSource portal.

On the Same Page, at the Same Time

LiveSource knows that real-time information makes collaboration easier. Save time and resources with seamless hand-offs at each step of the program launch process. Be better equipped to quickly respond to supply chain disruption — at a supplier, regional or global level.

Real Performance Management

Your business performance is tied to top line revenue and gross margin. Your supplier’s ability to deliver parts on time and at high quality has a dramatic impact on business performance goals. LiveSource eliminates administrative work tied to siloed data and delivers accurate information at your fingertips. Customized performance scorecards equip you to analyze risk and coach off-track suppliers with authority.

For every executive who’s had one too many “Call Susan from PR” surprises. Know what’s coming with LiveSource.

What LiveSource Brings to the Process.

  • Holistic, standardized program launch status and supplier performance data gives everyone a single source of the truth.
  • Real-time collaboration improves risk management and mitigation of supply chain disruptions.
  • Fewer surprises, disruptions, and fire drills improve productivity and morale.
  • Seamless communication between sales, engineering, program management, purchasing, quality and suppliers keeps everyone on the same page.

Take the Chaos Out of your Product Launch.

Successful product launches directly impact your bottom line. When internal teams and suppliers are all working from a single source of truth, deadlines are more likely to be met, productivity climbs, margins grow, and even morale improves. LiveSource streamlines the entire product launch process so you’re able to apply resources effectively, accurately communicate launch status, and keep your customers satisfied. Know what’s coming.

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Take the chaos out of your product launch process.
Know what’s coming with LiveSource.

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