Dealing with non-standardized or stale data is a thing of the past. LiveSource delivers real-time analytics, regardless of the data source. Create dashboards with the key performance indicators of your most pressing challenges as well as launch timing alerts and spend analysis. Take the chaos out of your product launch process. Know what’s coming.

Quickly Identify Positive and Negative Trends for Better Decision Making

  • Leverage the LiveSource data lake for all data
    • Get real-time updates from LiveSource modules
    • Import transactional data from other systems
  • Easily build reports, graphs and dashboards from the data lake
  • Link selected graphs and reports into dashboards from all areas of the launch process
  • Share dashboards and reports across the company or with selective business units
  • Utilize drill down capabilities for more detailed information
    • To prefiltered reports, based on area of graph selected
    • To source documents
  • Quickly generate reports without delay with high performance search capabilities
  • Enjoy real-time data, without the need to take down production database to refresh analytics
  • User defined attributes easily available in analytics
  • Secure data based on user viewing rights
  • Restrict the ability to export data
Take the chaos out of your product launch process.
Know what’s coming with LiveSource.

LiveSource is now part of Blume Global.