Supplier Management

Maintaining a robust database of both operational and transactional supplier data is critical to achieving successful launches. LiveSource gives supplier quality development professionals tools to more easily collect and maintain up-to-date supplier information — and the analytics to identity at risk suppliers before they cause a crisis. All on a global scale. Take the chaos out of your product launch process. Know what’s coming

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Preview of LiveSource Supplier Management

Maintain a Group of Viable Suppliers

Supplier Portal

Suppliers register on-line, free of charge

  • Create automatic on-boarding registration cards, based on commodity and region
  • Send configurable RFIs to your network of registered suppliers to locate new potential sources, ensuring competitive pricing and mitigating single source risk

Supplier Cards

LiveSource provides an easy, consistent way to collect and maintain supplier operational data

  • Organize supplier cards to address a wide range of topics, such as financial, insurance, regulatory requirements (e.g., conflict minerals), costs, quality, delivery, certificates, etc.
  • Completely configure supplier cards with attributes, layout, scoring, workflow and alerts
  • Utilize a single source of truth related to a supplier’s performance
    • Combines other LiveSource-managed data (i.e., RFQ, APQP/PPAP)
    • Integrate transactional data (i.e., receipts, OTE, returns) from other enterprise systems
  • Calculate a risk score for each supplier card
  • Receive automatic alerts when data needs to be updated or a defined level is reached

Supplier Status

  • Leverage user-defined supplier status, such as “strategic,” “phase out,” “new business hold,” “challenger,” in future sourcing needs
  • Assign multiple status codes to a single supplier, based on various commodities and regions
  • Enforce company sourcing policies during RFQ and Nomination process

Supplier Coaching

  • Develop performance improvement plans for at-risk suppliers
  • Initiate scheduling manually or automatically, based on supplier performance KPI
  • Escalate into directive coaching if required
  • Leverage configurable workflow and alerts
  • Provide visibility to other departments

Supplier Risk KPIs

  • Develop an overall supplier risk assessment based on weighted scores of all supplier cards (i.e. supplier management, quality, sourcing and logistics)
  • Get 360° visibility into a supplier’s performance with automated alerts
    • APQP/PPAP launch milestones
    • Nonconformance trends by type, severity and region
    • On-time delivery performance
Take the chaos out of your product launch process.
Know what’s coming with LiveSource.

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