Supplier Quality Development

Has a poor-performing supplier slipped through the cracks and caused a crisis?Can you quickly identify your at-risk suppliers?Do you know when your suppliers’ certifications expire?Are you confident in the accuracy of the data in your supplier scorecards?

Control the Chaos.

Centralized Supplier Management

LiveSource centralizes and streamlines collection and maintenance of supplier management. Suppliers enter data directly into the portal, eliminating administrative work. LiveSource supplier management integrates processes from all of your departments, so buyers always know a supplier’s status.

Robust, Timely Operational Data

LiveSource is a single source of truth related to your supplier operational data: certificates, regulatory compliance, capacity, financial, insurance, etc. In addition, transaction data from other systems can be automatically added to data maintained in LiveSource. Automated alerts about negative performance trends along with supplier coaching events mitigate disruptions and improve supplier performance. Ditch your inaccurate, outdated supplier scorecards that contribute to launch delays, rework costs, nonconformances, and late delivery.

Better Data, Smarter Decisions

LiveSource delivers real-time information that better equips you and other departments for making decisions. Timely, accurate data means Purchasing awards business to the most qualified suppliers. Get ahead of lagging supplier performance before it causes disruption. Plus, every step of the process is traced and auditable for complete transparency.

For every company whose six ERPs have seven different names for the exact same supplier. Know what’s coming with LiveSource.

What LiveSource Brings to the Process.

  • Holistic, standardized supplier performance and operational data gives everyone a single source of truth.
  • Real-time collaboration improves risk management and mitigation of supply chain disruptions.
  • Integrated information related to every department’s launch processes delivers 360° visibility into overall supplier performance.
  • Seamless communication between buyers, engineering, program management and suppliers keeps everyone on the same page.

Take the Chaos Out of your Product Launch.

Supplier choice can make or break a product launch. Accurate, timely, and consistent supplier operational data is essential when awarding business – poor supplier performance leads to firefighting that might cost you millions or even the loss of a customer. LiveSource streamlines the entire supplier management process. That means you’re equipped with data to choose the right supplier and mitigate risk when a supplier’s performance raises a red flag. Know what’s coming.

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Take the chaos out of your product launch process.
Know what’s coming with LiveSource.

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