Feature Request Prioritization Survey

June 2020

Collaborate, July 2020


Collaborate, July 2020


Are You Ready to Know What’s Coming?

At LiveSource, we continually gather improvement requests to help drive our product roadmap. When a requested feature does not easily fit into an existing project and is considered a large development effort, we hold that feature to review during our semiannual Collaborate meeting.

Prior to our upcoming Collaborate meeting, we’d like to gather your preferences on which of the current improvement requests should be added to the product roadmap. Please take the survey below to provide your feedback.

There are two important things to note about the survey:

  • Please limit your “high priority” answers to no more than 5 responses
  • The deadline for taking the survey is June 30th

Thank you! Your feedback and partnership are key in realizing both your success, as well as ours. We look forward to sharing your responses during Collaborate.

Additionally, if you have not yet registered for Collaborate, please take a moment and register today!

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